Small Acts of Charity

ECF Small Acts of Charity - 2019, Q4

We seek to create significant, sustainable ministries and partnerships with the community, and we acknowledge that sometimes smaller funding requests are needed to continue our work of building the Beloved Community. In an effort to respond to these needs while preserving ECF’s primary funding for larger partnerships, we have created a separate application for our Small Acts of Charity grants.

While they are subject to the same criteria as our General Grants, Small Acts of Charity are no larger than $5,000. These requests will be considered on a quarterly basis, and we will fund 1-2 Small Acts of Charity in any given quarter.

ECF Small Acts of Charity - 2019, Q4

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Organization/Parish Information

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Organization/Ministry General Details

If you are a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, include your more recent Annual Parochial Report.

If you are an Episcopal worshiping community that is not a parish, include your tax determination letter or the tax determination letter of your fiscal sponsor.

If you are a 501(c)(3) organization, include your tax determination letter.

If you are fiscally sponsored, include the tax determination letter for your fiscal sponsor.

Letter should address the nature of the partnership, how long the partnership has existed, and how the parish is enriched by this partnership.

About Your Organization/Ministry

Audited financial statements for the last complete fiscal year, including a Statement of Income and Expenses and a Balance Sheet.
"Small Act of Charity" Request

A detailed, itemized project budget with narrative outlining how the requested funds will be utilized. Be specific; for instance, listing “$500 for consultant” would not provide enough detail, but “$500 for Susie Q Consulting, quote is on page 2” would.

Provide any additional information or explanation that you feel needs further clarification for the application.
Authorizing Signatures
Typing your name acts as your official signature and certifies that you have personally reviewed this application and that the information presented is complete and meets all eligibility criteria as outlined in the guidelines.