ECF Letter of Intent (LOI) to Apply for Grant Funding - Fall 2023

The LOI is a snapshot of an organization/ministry’s mission, strategies, and strengths. ECF will review each submitted LOI and invite selected organizations to complete the full grant application. Please review the LOI Instructions prior to completing this application. It may be useful to have this document available as you fill out this form.

ECF Letter of Intent (LOI) to Apply for Grant Funding - Fall 2023

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The LOI Instructions provide specific information about common mistakes people make when completing their Letter of Intent. You should download them and read them BEFORE starting this form.

Organization/Parish Information

Contact Information
Organization Leader/Rector

Board Chair/Senior Warden

Request Contact

Organization/Ministry General Details

Include your more recent Annual Parochial Report.

If you are an Episcopal worshiping community that is not a parish, include your tax determination letter or the tax determination letter of your fiscal sponsor.

Iinclude your tax determination letter.

Include the tax determination letter for your fiscal sponsor.

ECF at Your Parish
ECF Ambassadors serve as the primary communications conduit between ECF and their parish, not only raising awareness for the Foundation’s efforts, but also keeping ECF current on the outreach events and opportunities occurring throughout the Diocese. Learn more at

On ECF Sunday, The Rev. Canon Lang Lowrey will preach at your services about ECF's call to serve the poor and oppressed in our Diocese, and during adult formation ECF Executive Director Lindsey Hardegree will address how we might be able to do that in a long-term sustainable way that benefits both your parish and the least among us. Learn more at

Episcopal Partnership

ECF requires a statement of support from your partner parish's rector and vestry. This statement will address the nature and history of your partnership as well as how the parish is enriched by your partnership. A current statement is required with each LOI/application - statements previously submitted will not count towards the current LOI, and your LOI will will be considered incomplete without this statement. We ask that the parish complete this statement themselves, and ECF will confirm with you when we have received your parish's statement.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Statement of Support is due at the time your LOI is due, so it may be useful to send this information directly to Lindsey Hardegree as well so that she can start this process before you submit your LOI. Her email is

About Your Organization/Ministry

Financial statements for the last complete fiscal year, including a Statement of Income and Expenses and a Balance Sheet.

Grant Request

What is a challenge in your community, and how are you uniquely positioned to solve it?

We acknowledge the following:

Provide any additional information or explanation that you feel needs further clarification for the application.
Authorizing Signatures
Typing your name acts as your official signature and certifies that you have personally reviewed this application and that the information presented is complete and meets all eligibility criteria as outlined in the guidelines.