Redeeming the Art of Dwelling

The Struggle of Dwelling “Mary knew movement, uninvited but necessary for survival. Mary knew fleeing and looking over her shoulder and thirsting for safety and vigilantly watching for danger. And with it all, trusting in God.”[1] In his recent delivery … Continue Reading →

Social Justice and Human Trafficking

The Reality of Human Trafficking As with any societal issue, widespread knowledge about human trafficking is a vital asset in the efforts to attenuate it. This means having the appropriate language, facts, and stories accessible in a way that we … Continue Reading →

Gut Feelings and Sinews of Compassion

Compassion from the Gut The Samaritan’s compassion came from his gut. It’s interesting that when the text says he was “moved with compassion,” it means that he was “moved in his bowels” (for the bowels were thought to be the … Continue Reading →

campsite of people experiencing homelessness on the streets

Homelessness Reduced in City of Atlanta in 2022

The City of Atlanta’s most recent Point-in-Time (PIT) Count has been compiled, and the results paint an optimistic picture. For those unfamiliar, the PIT Count is a count of sheltered and unsheltered people experiencing homelessness in Atlanta on a single … Continue Reading →


Every Wednesday, my parish offers a healing Eucharistic service. Compared to the Sunday assembly, this one is intimate and sober, nestled into the right transept of the nave. The “usuals” show up week after week. They pray for loved ones … Continue Reading →

The Sacramentality of a Home

Canadian artist, Timothy Schmalz, created a bronze statue named the “Homeless Jesus.” It’s a life-size sculpture of what appears to be a man without a home, wrapped in a blanket and lying on a park bench. The exposed feet carrying … Continue Reading →

How a Family Inherits Poverty

What is your family inheritance? Maybe it’s an heirloom. I recently spoke with someone who owned a family cannon—a Civil War memento procured in his ancestorial line. Maybe you’ve inherited traditions or stories that shape your fundamental understanding of who … Continue Reading →