All ECF Forms & Documents

Title Document Type Topic Description
“Tips for Mastering Data to Demonstrate Impact,” The Chronicle of PhilanthropyInformationGrantmakingGreat tips for measuring impact, includes the difference between "outcomes" and "outputs"!
ECF Expectations for Grant Final ReportsApplicationsGrantmakingIf you have received a grant from ECF, your signed grant agreement outlines the specifics for your final report. We've provided this informational sheet for additional clarity.
IRA Charitable Rollover Gift FormFormsDonationsTo make a gift, please submit your completed IRA Charitable Rollover Gift Form to both ECF and your IRA trustee.
ECF Impact Report 2018Annual ReportsOur ImpactA summary of accomplishments in 2018
ECF Impact Report 2021Annual ReportsOur ImpactA summary of accomplishments in 2021
Gifting of Securities FormFormsDonationsTo make a gift, please submit your completed Gifting of Securities Form at least 72 hours prior to contacting your stock broker.
Suggested Bequest LanguageGuidelinesDonationsThe simple insertion of a clause in your will can assure that a lasting gift will be made to ECF.
ECF LOI InstructionsApplicationsGrantmakingIt is HIGHLY recommended that you review the LOI Instructions prior to completing the LOI Form as they offer many guidelines for completing the LOI Form.
ECF General Grant Application InstructionsApplicationsGrantmakingIf you have received an invitation with a link to complete the General Grant Application for ECF funding, we encourage you to complete our application using these guidelines.
ECF Parish Visit ToolkitGuidelinesOur ImpactPromotional tools to get your parishioners excited leading up to an ECF presentation.
Logic Model TemplateApplicationsGrantmakingLogic model template for grant applications (this is an example, you can use your own model if you choose).
W.K. Kellogg Logic Model Development GuideGuidelinesGrantmakingW.K. Kellogg Logic Model Development Guide
Creating Mission and Vision StatementsGuidelinesGrantmakingA resource provided by
ECF Impact Report 2020Annual ReportsOur ImpactA summary of accomplishments in 2020
Legacy Giving – Intent To Give FormFormsDonationsTo let us know of your intent to give, please complete this form for our records.
ECF Impact Report 2019Annual ReportsOur ImpactA summary of accomplishments in 2019
Called to Transformation websiteInformationOur ImpactThe Episcopal Church's Asset-Based Approach to Engaging Church and Community