Get Your Parish Involved

How can ECF be a resource for legacy giving in your parish?

Legacy gifts ensure a church’s legacy is secure creating a low-risk, sustainable way to fund operations and programs for many years to come, even in future times of economic or other difficulties. Legacy gifts are accessible to everyone, regardless of your financial ability to make large contributions annually, and are often the largest contribution that a donor will ever make.

Your parishioners are eager to support your parish with a legacy gift, and ECF is dedicated to helping you achieve a stream of sustainable funding for generations to come. We provide:

  • Administrative and fundraising support for your parishioners to establish a lasting legacy gift that benefits both your parish specifically as well as people experiencing poverty and oppression throughout the Diocese.
  • Planned giving and financial planning experts on our Board of Directors who are specifically charged with creating and managing the tools necessary for legacy giving success.

ECF partners with each parish in the Diocese of Atlanta so that your clergy, staff, and vestry can continue the great work they do for your parish without getting sidetracked by administering legacy gifts. ECF works with your parish to secure and administer legacy gifts in the following ways:

  • Identifying and assessing prospective donors
  • Creating an individualized strategy for each prospect
  • Cultivating donors through education and relationship building
  • Developing proposals
  • Making asks
  • Negotiating and closing gifts
  • Creating a specific stewardship plan to continue building relationships until gifts mature

Interested in learning more? Contact Executive Director Lindsey Hardegree or schedule an ECF Sunday!