Guidelines to Sponsor Refugee Families

Becoming a Refugee Is Not Voluntary No matter where you look in the world, it’s easy to find unrest and chaos at work. Grief and suffering take a toll, whether they are a consequence of a natural or human-created disaster. … Continue Reading →

The Promised Land is for Everyone

The Daily Office Lectionary has been taking us through the book of Leviticus for the past couple of weeks. When I read these verses from Leviticus 19 a few days ago, I was struck, as I always am, by the … Continue Reading →

The Face of Homelessness

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Kenya Thompson on Homelessness

The Face of Homelessness I first became familiar with and learned about homelessness at my high school, a private Catholic high school located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Like many high schools, we had a requirement to complete community service hours. In … Continue Reading →

Understanding Planned Giving vs. Legacy Giving

Planned Giving vs. Legacy Giving? How are donors to go about understanding planned giving vs. legacy giving? Aren’t most gifts by definition “planned?” The term “planned giving” has always annoyed me even though, as an estate planning attorney, I use … Continue Reading →

Spring 2024: ECF Grants $41,532 to Fight Poverty

Today ECF announces two Spring 2024 grant recipients: LaAmistad (Atlanta) and Northeast Georgia CASA (Toccoa). Spring 2024 Grant Recipients LaAmistad, in partnership with the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta, has received a capacity building grant of $20,000 to expand … Continue Reading →

Common Questions from Couples Making Estate Plans

Couples Making Estate Plans Couples making estate plans frequently ask some common questions regarding taxation of inheritance. In particular, what is the “best” way to name beneficiaries on life insurance and retirement accounts? And how does this action affect what … Continue Reading →