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Parish Statement of Support for ECF Grant Application

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Thank you for taking the time to complete this statement of support! The Episcopal Community Foundation for Middle and North Georgia provides grants to parishes and partnerships which serve the poor and oppressed throughout the Diocese of Atlanta. Not only do we seek to serve those in need with our grants, but we are equally interested in lifting up our parish communities so they are able to create significant, sustainable ministries which allow Episcopalians to grow spiritually through their service.

Each of our parishes are engaged in many outreach opportunities. These outreach opportunities can take a variety of shapes and sizes, including outreach ministries specifically run by the parish itself, Diocesan ministries like Path to Shine, and partnerships with local nonprofits. While each parish likely has many outreach ties, there are typically a small few that are considered the highest priority for the parish.

To ensure that ECF continues providing funding to the ministries your parish finds most important, we ask that you complete this letter of support. This statement will serve several purposes:
  • We need context to understand the nature and history of your partnership with the grant applicant. Many parishes have historical relationships with nonprofits, but ECF requires a current partnership for our grant funding. The Statement of Support is not a rubber stamp of approval for an organization; instead, the statement serves to say "yes, we are currently partnering in XYZ ways, and a grant to this organization will further the parish's ability to serve."
  • We require the signatures of both your rector AND either the senior or junior warden. This is to ensure that both your clergy and vestry approve of its contents.
  • We require a "fresh" statement with each application (even if you have completed a statement for the same organization before) to ensure that we have current information and that transitions in parish leadership have not surfaced new priorities.
PLEASE NOTE: The contents of this form are considered to be confidential and will NOT be shared with the organization that requested you complete this form.

Your partner's application will be considered incomplete until you have submitted this application, so please be sure to submit by the deadline. However, we will not share this form with them - we will only confirm to them that it has been received.
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ECF Ambassador
ECF Ambassadors serve as the primary communications conduit between ECF and their parish, not only raising awareness for the Foundation’s efforts, but also keeping ECF current on the outreach events and opportunities occurring throughout the Diocese. Learn more at

On ECF Sunday, ECF's Executive Director, Lindsey Hardegree, will preach at your services about ECF's call to serve people experiencing poverty and oppression in our Diocese. During adult formation, Lindsey will address how we might be able to do that in a long-term sustainable way that benefits both your parish and the least among us. Learn more at

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Provide any additional information or explanation that you feel needs further clarification for this Statement of Support.
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