Church of the Incarnation

2019 Spring General Grant / $15,000
Capital improvements to the parish’s kitchen

El Refugio Ministry

2019 Spring and 2020 Spring General Grants / $40,000
Capacity building grant to fund the pilot of a new post-release program

Trinity Episcopal Church

2019 Q1 Small Acts of Charity / $4,000
Capital funding for clothing closet

Norcross Cooperative Ministry

2018 Q4 Small Acts of Charity / $3,748
Parish Partner: Christ Episcopal Church (Norcross)
Prescription drug assistance

Rainbow Village

2018 Fall General Grant / $17,819
Parish Partner: Christ Episcopal Church (Norcross)
Salesforce implementation for performance metrics and client tracking

Path To Shine

2018 Fall, 2019 Spring, and 2019 Fall General Grants / $30,917
Capacity building to create a sustainable fundraising strategy