Understanding Planned Giving vs. Legacy Giving

Planned Giving vs. Legacy Giving? How are donors to go about understanding planned giving vs. legacy giving? Aren’t most gifts by definition “planned?” The term “planned giving” has always annoyed me even though, as an estate planning attorney, I use … Continue Reading →

Common Questions from Couples Making Estate Plans

Couples Making Estate Plans Couples making estate plans frequently ask some common questions regarding taxation of inheritance. In particular, what is the “best” way to name beneficiaries on life insurance and retirement accounts? And how does this action affect what … Continue Reading →

How Does Planned Giving Benefit Me?

Fighting Against Insecurity At first blush, it may seem strange to ask how giving away money might benefit the giver. There are, of course, many references to the spiritual benefits of this activity mentioned throughout Scripture. Also, there is scientific … Continue Reading →

Vehicle Donations Potentially Impacted by RMD Changes

RMD Changes In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in the age requirement for taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) from retirement accounts. This change has important implications for individuals who own vehicles and are considering giving them as … Continue Reading →

Charitable Planning With Life Insurance

Life insurance can be an excellent way to make a charitable gift.[1] Life insurance allows you to make a substantial gift to a charity at a lower cost, with potential tax rules that benefit individuals who give life insurance gifts. … Continue Reading →

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Importance of Having a Will

My mother gave me so much, but one of her kindest gifts was preparing well for her death. When she died, I was devastated; I cried, wailed, and felt lost. However, she learned from the bad experiences she had with … Continue Reading →