How does ECF differ from other ministries in the Diocese?

  • ECF grants can support traditional and non-traditional ministries, and must have parish involvement and collaboration. Grants will NOT be funded to a nonprofit partner without a strong parish connection that is spiritually enriched by the partnership.
  • ECF grants must serve the poor and oppressed for a parish’s community, and therefore do not include building loans or funds for repairs.
  • ECF grants are not intended for individual use, and therefore do not includes loans, education funds, or other individual purposes.
  • ECF does not require a matching contribution for our grants; however, we can serve as the matching grant for a Ministry Innovation.
  • ECF grants are not supported out of the 10% Fair Share assessment, but through our endowment and donations from individuals.
  • We are the only ministry in the Diocese that provides opportunities for individuals to establish a lasting legacy to serve the poor and oppressed, as well as to honor their individual parishes in their estate. ECF serves as a resource to parishes around outreach ministry and planned giving.

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Following Christ’s example and the tradition of The Episcopal Church, we partner with Episcopal communities in the Diocese of Atlanta by providing funding, leadership, and resources to enable Episcopalians to lift up people facing poverty and oppression and to achieve significant, long-lasting change in our communities.