ECF Funds Partnership Between St. Paul’s, Atlanta and HouseProud Atlanta

The Episcopal Charities Foundation will fund a $15,000 partnership between St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Atlanta and HouseProud Atlanta to provide moderate and minor home repairs for homes in the area surrounding St. Paul’s, Atlanta. Using the successful model provided by HouseProud, vestry member Corby Hannah said that “we are excited to be able to contribute to the quality of life for seniors in our surrounding neighborhoods of Southwest Atlanta, and we look forward to working with our partner HouseProud to help keep our seniors ‘warm, safe, and dry.’”

The St. Paul’s Episcopal Churchmen will work with HouseProud to determine homeowners in their immediate area who meet criteria for the program and will receive repairs such as roof repair, plumbing, minor electrical, floor reinforcement, and wheelchair ramps. HouseProud is able to provide these no-cost repairs to low-income senior homeowners by working closely with contractors to ensure the homeowners receive the highest quality repairs, and by utilizing volunteers, which provides a significant opportunity for the parishioners of St. Paul’s, Atlanta to get involved by directly serving their neighbors. Lisa Jones, Executive Director for HouseProud Atlanta, is honored by the partnership, saying that “we truly believe in the power of collaboration and have seen how sharing resources helps us all to accomplish more with less!”

The Right Rev. Robert C. Wright commended St. Paul’s, Atlanta for this effort. “We are proud of St. Paul’s for their desire to make a difference in their local neighborhood; by taking up this leadership role in their community, St. Paul’s, Atlanta is truly demonstrating what it means to love like Jesus and care for our neighbors.”

In recent years, the Episcopal Charities Foundation has shifted its grantmaking focus to encourage larger, more impactful grants. “We hope that through our thought leadership and funding resources, the Episcopal Charities Foundation can encourage the creation of significant, sustainable ministries and partnerships with the community, much like this partnership between St. Paul’s and HouseProud,” said Lindsey Hardegree, Executive Director for the Episcopal Charities Foundation.

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