Immigrants, Refugees, & Migrants: What's the difference?

The world is facing the largest forced displacement crisis in history – more than 65 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes by conflict, persecution, and violence. Of that number, 25.4 million have received official refugee status. Others are internally displaced or in the process of seeking asylum in a country where they can rebuild their lives in safety and hope.

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Many of the children, women, and men who are presenting themselves at the US’ southern border are asylum-seekers. They have a claim of credible fear and are legally seeking entry into the US through the asylum process.

More about Asylum in the United States

Since 1988, Episcopal Migration Ministries has been resettling refugees as one of the nine national agencies that do this work in public-private partnership with the federal government. EMM welcomes thousands of refugees each year to 13 communities, in partnership with local affiliates offices, congregations, and countless volunteers. Alongside refugee resettlement ministry, EMM also hosts Partners in Welcome, an online learning community and ministry network for individuals, congregations, organizations, and dioceses who are involved in ministries of welcome, education, and advocacy for newcomers: refugees, asylum-seekers, and immigrants of any status. Through Partners in Welcome, EMM empowers advocates and supports local ministries through educational resources, convening conversations and learning communities, and connecting ministries across the country and the Church. Whether you are a learner, practitioner, expert, or newcomer, you are invited and most welcome to become a member of the Partners in Welcome network. To advocate for refugees and the refugee resettlement program, sign up for Episcopal Public Policy Network alerts.

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