The Ease of Bequests

Bequests are one of the most straightforward ways to support your parish, the ministries you care about, and the important work of ECF. Best of all, they are one of the simplest ways to make a legacy gift! The insertion of a clause in your will can assure that you make a lasting gift to support the causes you care most about.

How do bequests work?

ECF makes this especially simple for those who wish to support parishes and ministries in the Diocese of Atlanta. Give our suggested bequest language to your estate attorney to ensure your gift is properly distributed to ECF at the time of your passing. Meanwhile, you as the donor will complete our intent to give form so that ECF knows exactly how you would like your gift distributed. We can assist you with making gifts to your parish, to other parishes in the Diocese, to ministries at your parish or across the Diocese, or even to the Diocese of Atlanta itself. We keep a record of all donor intentions so there is never a question as to the legacy you would like to leave.

How much should I give?

Many parishioners choose to “endow” their annual pledge to ensure that their gift continues to support for years to come. How does this work? Let’s look at a simple example:

  • Jane Smith has supported her parish’s annual stewardship campaign with a $500 gift every year for the past 20 years.
  • Ms. Smith wants to ensure that when she passes, the church doesn’t need to scramble to find an additional $500 each year. Her parish has come to rely on her generous $500 gift every year for its operations, programs, and ministry.
  • Let’s say that Ms. Smith leaves a gift of $10,000 in her estate, and we assume that it earns 5% interest. As a result, every year her gift will earn $500 for the organization. That means that Ms. Smith’s annual donation will continue in perpetuity, long after she has passed!
  • Even though Ms. Smith is no longer with us, her legacy is alive and well through her $10,000 bequest.

Are you interested in learning how to make a bequest to benefit your parish and ministries you care about? We would love to talk with you!

Following Christ’s example and the tradition of The Episcopal Church, we partner with Episcopal communities in the Diocese of Atlanta by providing funding, leadership, and resources to enable Episcopalians to lift up people facing poverty and oppression and to achieve significant, long-lasting change in our communities.

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